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The Tailor, the Barista and Moi  



It was on a late Friday afternoon as the sun began to set over the city by the river.

The hustle and bustle of a vibrant city 

Transforming into the daily commute home.


While for others the weekend was about to  commence with dinners
and entertainment seekers arriving from the suburbs interstate and overseas.  

And those like myself here on a stop over business trip


After several hours of taking in the sights 

of the city landscape buildings and shops 

I commenced my downhill walk back to my hotel
a place I regularly stay at when in Brisbane


At the end of Edward Street having almost reached my destination 

the heritage Stamford Plaza Hotel

There suddenly and without intention my sight was drawn

to a well dressed man seated at a cafe style table


Nearby a coffee cart was situated to his left side 

On his table was something one was not accustomed to see

situated in the front of a fashionable hotel setting.


But there he was seated at a cafe table 

doing something with a pile of shirts.

Taking a closer look I soon realised 

the man was sitting in front of a men's outfitters.


The shop was relatively small but well lit 

a totally unexpected find for such a location 

Framed in this well maintained sandstone architecture 

with its Rustic style.... the fashion perfect backdrop.


But it was the immaculately dressed man 

doing something with a pile of shirts

who suddenly looked up as if sensing 

that someone was looking his way.


It was at that moment I noticed a smile

A smile that was welcoming and beckoning.

My natural instinct was to do likewise

which provided an opportunity for a conversation 


Before I knew it he got up from his activity

As I said something like what are you doing  and is this your shop?

To which he replied with an air of grace yes it is.


This friendly welcome spurred me on

and soon a conversation started up

one that would lead to an interesting

and meaningful talk about tailoring.


The other earlier attraction I had noticed

had been the coffee cart with barista in attendance.

The man with the shirts told me they made the best coffee
and so I decided to order a cup of the recommended brew.


So there we were the tailor the barista and Moi.

Engaging in conversations about shirts and coffee,

and it was just the beginning of a very unusual evening.


It is said women love buying shoes 

for men like myself its got to be shirts?

and there at sunset I found myself in shirt heaven.

Where the fabric quality and cut was as one may expect to see in
London's Saville Row the heart of men's tailored fashion.


And sure enough Hardy Ames was on display.

I soon discovered that this relatively minimal sized shop was brimming with 

shirt magnificence both in style and fabric.


I was captivated by the whole package.

Did I need to buy a new shirt? of course not, but how can one pass by excellence 

and not want to a part of that experience?


So I decided to reward myself in the moment  and indulge in
something that would remind me of this rare find.

The shirt I chose was Hardy Ames a red and white small check.


And while the sleeves needed some shortening I took it as it was, being told I could
bring it back a later time to alter the sleeves.

I have many shirts in my wardrobe, but few came with a story attached.


That night I wore my new shirt and to my surprise our host picked
us up in a magnificent and luxurious Bentley 

Taking us to dinner at one of Brisbane's most fashionable
riverside destinations the Stokehouse Restaurant.


After settling down several guests remarked on the shirt I was wearing 

commenting on the look and style. 

All this fashion perfectly complimented by fabulous, food wine and
remarkable and entertaining table service by one amazing Jasmine.


On returning to my room at The Stamford Plaza

There to my surprise "the proverbial cherry on the cake" with a platter of cheese,
fruit and nuts courtesy card from the newly appointed General Manager Debbie MacGillivray
whom I had been introduced to by the tailor earlier on. 



Definitely the perfect end to a most memorable stop over in Brisbane 


And all because of an unusual moment  that stole my attention. 


Oh yes 

The name of The Tailor ... Clay Rondo

The address The Stamford Plaza Brisbane  And Moi

Humbly yours 

Sheldon Ross

Entrepreneur and writer.


Remember this; 

"Where you have been is not where you are going"

"Moments that are special need to be written down"

"Life' surprises are tailor made especially for you"

Enjoy them...........

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